Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 2 hour Family Emergency First Aid Course accredited and will I get a certificate?

In England, there’s no such thing as an accredited 2 hour Family Emergency First Aid Course (FEFA) for Parents whether run by First For Safety, St. Johns,  Red Cross etc.  For accreditation you would need to do a min 6 or 12 hour Paediatric First Aid Course depending on your work needs.   (Please see Accredited First Aid Courses page)

First For Safety can provide online Certificates of Attendance for learners on request, which the Instructor signs on completion of the course. There’s no extra charge for this service. Baby sitters for example often like a certificate for their CV.  Please let First For Safety know if you require certificates of attendance when you enquire about booking a course:

I can’t get the min 6 person booking number together. Can you run the course for smaller groups?

Yes.  You don’t have to have 6 learners to book a FEFA course but as the normal cost for the Family Emergency First Aid Course is £20 pp inc FREE refresher, to qualify for this rate you need a min of 6 learners.  If you’d prefer to have less learners on a course and pay a little more pp that is perfectly fine. (Free refresher and manual still applies)

If you’re struggling for numbers a lot of our clients find doing a Facebook Event and inviting friends and family (and their friends and family) a great way of getting others interested. If helpful we can email you a flyer to forward/distribute to friends or at your local Baby/Toddler Groups, Nursery, Children’s Centre, School etc.  First For Safety regularly run courses for parents at Pre Schools and alike. (Please scroll down for questions about larger groups)

Do I have to pay a deposit?

NO, there’s no deposit required when booking a course.  Payment at the end of the session is normal. If for any reason a client’s unable to keep their booking we just ask that let us know asap.

Do you ever run courses outside Oxfordshire?

Yes, we frequently run courses outside the Oxfordshire area.  The min booking may be slightly more for this service.  Please contact us, including details of  the area in which you’d  like to host the course:

Do you ever run day time courses?

Yes, most of our FEFA courses are run in the evening when the Little Ones are tucked up in bed but we are very flexible and can accommodate for day time courses also. Please contact us for our latest availability:


I have friends that are breast feeding, can they bring their baby to the Family Emergency First Aid Course?

Absolutely!  This is not a problem at all and actually helps remind us why we’re all there.

I’d like to learn about some other First Aid/Child Safety Matters/Medical Conditions which aren’t listed on the Course Content. Is this possible?

First For Safety can, within reason, adapt any course according to your needs. smiley

I have lots of people interested, can you run courses for larger groups?

Yes, with sufficient notice we can run FEFA courses for up to 20 learners with a second Qualified Instructor. The min amount of learners required for larger groups is 17. A reduced, flat rate fee applies for this service within Oxfordshire meaning you can either charge learners less to attend or charge the full amount and keep or give monies made to your prefered charity/Venue provider (such as your local School/Pre School, Church/Village Hall etc.)  Please contact us for more info about courses of more than 12 learners: