Community Defibrillator Awareness Course

 (For info on Government Scheme, Low Cost Defibs for Schools, please scroll down) 

(1 Hour Course – Just £3 pp)

Community Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) for public use are becoming common place, particularly in more rural  areas where it’s often impossible for the Ambulance Service to meet their 8 minute target attendance time for life threatening emergencies. Sadly however, most people are not confident enough to consider using an AED, although it’s actually very easy.

In a Cardiac Arrest situation (the heart has stopped) A casualty’s survival chances dramatically increase by up to 80% if they receive immediate, effective CPR, combined with the use of an AED without delay.  (Ensure Ambulance on route) Without immediate effective CPR and the use of an AED the current out of hospital survival rate for a cardiac arrest is a dismal 8%

The Chain of Survival


This popular, one hour awareness course is designed to give members of the public/business employees confidence to perform effective CPR and access and use an AED. It is suitable for anyone between 8 and 108 years of age. CPR is extremely important to keep the brain oxygenated.  After around 4 minutes of NO CPR a casualty would, at best, be irreversibly brain damaged.

The course is normally organised by communities for communities or businesses for their employees, in a venue of your choice across Oxfordshire. This could be the local School, Village Hall, Church Room, your business premises etc or for smaller groups, the comfort of your own home. For larger groups we come equipped with a projector.  In your home the presentation in run through your TV with an HDMI lead we bring.
The flat rate fee is £120 for up to 40 learners =  Just £3 pp.
(You don’t have to have 40 people obviously, some clients have just 6 or less)
Course content:
  • Assessment of the situation (DR ABC)graph
  • CPR Adult & Child
  • The Chain of Survival
  • AED Access
  • AED Functions & limitations
  • AED Safety
  • Adult & Paediatric Defibrillation
  • AED Locator app

If you’re struggling for numbers, a lot of our clients find creating an event on Facebook and inviting friends, family, neighbours and colleagues a good way of getting people together.  And/or sending an email to their contacts, with a link to this web page. 

Cost:  Flat rate fee for Oxfordshire of £120 for up to 40 Learners.

That’s only £3 pp (Course duration – 1 hour)  No deposit required.  Cost does not include venue hire if required.  If for any reason a community group or client are not able to keep their booking we just ask that they let us know asap.

For our availability to run this course for your Community/Business/School please contact:  Please include your Oxfordshire location.

We’d be delighted to hear from you.

Low Cost AEDs for Schools:

school-signDid you know – In view of the vital role that AEDs can play in saving the lives of pupils, staff and other users of school premises, (Primary or Secondary) the Department for Education is encouraging ALL Schools to consider purchasing these devices as part of their first aid equipment. Your school could purchase an AED at a significantly reduced rate!!

Campaigners for AEDs in all schools say, every year, an average of 270 children die at school from Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome.

Survival rates as high as 80% have been reported where CPR and defibrillation are delivered promptly. 

The below info re Gov Scheme reduced cost AEDs for schools is from here: 
For schools and other eligible settings that would like assistance to purchase an AED, the Department for Education, working with the Department of Health, has negotiated an arrangement with NHS Supply Chain for schools to purchase AEDs from them at reduced cost. The devices on offer meet the minimum specification required. AEDs are bought in bulk and the discount achieved from this is passed on to schools. Price and model can vary as each batch is purchased separately.
NHS Supply Chain report that, “In the last 2 yrs since the 1/2 price Defibrillators for Schools Scheme has been running, 3 schools where we have provided AEDs  have had instances of Cardiac Arrests within School.  These emergencies involved:  A caretaker, a 5 year old Child and a 12 year old Child. Use of the in school Defibrillator was successful on ALL 3 occasions!”  This is incredibly news to report!!  Normally, the survival rate of an ‘Out of Hospital’ Cardiac Arrest is LESS THAN 8%  
The current batch (batch 3) went on sale on 22 April 2016 for £435.37 (£522.44 incl. VAT) per AED for the Mediana HeartOn A15 AED. This price includes delivery costs.
The package includes:
• 1 x Automated external defibrillator (AED)
• 1 x Carry case
• 1 x Battery
• 1 x Universal pads (Device has Paediatric Switch to change between Adult & Baby/Child)
• User guide (user instruction manual in hard or soft copy format)
• 1 x Laminated AED wall sign.


pos-amazingvalue£522 is really great value for an AED !!!  

AEDs normally cost between £1,000 – £1,500 upwards plus VAT!

Why not speak to your Child’s School or PTA about them purchasing an AED that can be located outside for use by the local community as well.

NHS Supply Chain Capital SolutionsTo place an order, schools and other educational institutions should contact NHS Supply Chain directly by calling:  01133 854 858 or emailing: NHS Supply Chain will ask you to provide: The name & address of your school or other eligible setting.  Your school’s 6 digit URN (where applicable) The name of your local authority.  The type & phase of your school or other setting.  A named contact for further correspondence.  An email address & telephone number.

 For more info please go to Gov Website link above. 

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