Horse Rider Emergency First Aid

(1.5 Hour Course – £15 pp)

download-2If you or your Children ride horses you’ll be very aware that accidents will happen! Working on Emergency Ambulances we deliver horse riders of all ages to the Oxford JR A&E on a regular basis. Some worse off than others!!  As a horse rider of more than 30 yrs, I’ve seen several horse riding accidents as well as being involved in a few myself.  One that sticks in my mind is when I witnessed our neighbours 8 year old son, get kicked directly in the chest by a 16 hh horse. (shod) The lad wasn’t in a good way but thankfully, with time, made a full recovery.  Whilst horse riding’s a fantastic activity, it is high risk.  Having Emergency First Aid skills can make the difference between life and death in a serious emergency.  If you work or play around horses it’s highly recommended that you have Emergency First Aid Training.12669492_921311977966589_6441069560640945_n (2)  As well as being a First Aid Instructor with more than 21 years, ongoing experience in the Emergency Services, I’m also qualified to BHSAI.  These days, between Little Ones and Ambulance shifts, I no longer have time to teach horse riding anymore, but I do at least ride a friends beautiful horse weekly.  For more information on my qualifications and experience please go to Instructors page (Drew Kamphuis)

Horse Rider Emergency First Aid Course (1.5 hrs – £15 pp)

This 90 minute course is most commonly organised by Riding Clubs, Event Yards, Livery Yards, Riding Stables, Racing Yards and so on.  It’s designed to give learners the confidence to effectively manage a horse riding related emergency and do the very best for the casualty whilst waiting for the Professionals to arrive. It’s ideal for anyone that works with horses as well as those that ride for fun from age 8 years to 108!  The total cost of the course is £15 pp which includes a FREE Horse Rider Emergency First Aid Refresher Course for ALL learners when ever you/they feel ready.


Course Content:untitled34

  • Assessment of the situation (DR ABC)
  • CPR – Adult & Child
  • AED Awareness (Automated External Defibrillator) & AED Locator App
  • The Recovery Position
  • Serious Bleeds
  • Head Injuries
  • Suspected Spinal Injuries
  • Serious Breaks/Dislocations

The course is informative but relaxed and can take place day time or evening according to your needs.  It’s a fun learning experience with the opportunity for everyone to practice on our CPR manikins. The min amount of learners required for an Oxfordshire location is 8 and the max is 20 learners. (For courses outside Oxfordshire area, the min booking may be a little more)  If you have 19 -20 learners booked onto a course, a reduced flat rate fee of £280 applies.


As host you receive a Complimentary First Aid Manual (RRP £5.99) and………if you’re able to exceed the min booking number by 2 or more (10 learners) you receive a FREE First Aid Kit worth £12.99 (current Argos price)

For smaller groups, the course is normally run in the comfort of your own home where the presentation is delivered through your TV with HDMI cable provided.  For larger venues I arrive equipped with a projector. Venue hire, if required, is not included in the price.

Certificates of attendance (useful for your portfolio if you work with horses) are supplied on request.  There’s no extra charge for this service.

Please contact me (Drew)  with your location, to make a no obligation enquiry about booking this course on a date & time to suit you or your business:   I’d be delighted to hear from you.  For more info on my First Aid Instructor Quals & experience please click on ‘Instructors’ page.

14980753_10154749758488413_5899978633660623962_nNO deposit required.  Payment at the end of the session is normal.  If for any reason a client’s unable to keep their booking, I just ask that they let me know asap.

Picture left: Out hacking – Beautiful Big Bear and Hero our Rescue Dog enjoying some of our stunning West Oxfordshire Countryside.